Type:  Yucca Faxoniana is a giant growing tree yucca with excellent cold hardiness,  very showy succulent that eventually grows to form a big tree-like trunk. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant. This fantastically ornamental succulent has proven growable into the Denver area, far beyond its native range. Eventually growing to huge size, often with multiple heads, this is the most cold hardy giants of the genus. Watered regularly during the heat of summer, the plant will begin to size up after a decade of growth. Plant West Texas Tree Yucca where it will receive the maximum amount of heat to speed its growth.

Growth Rate:  Medium Growth Rate

Mature Height:  8-15' high and 6'-8' wide 

Sun Preference:  Full Sun 

Soil Preference:  Sandy Soil, Clay Soil, Average Soil

Zone: 5-10