Tree Type: Tuscarora Crape Myrtles give you hundreds of 'coral pink' flowers.
Perfect for barren areas or trouble spots - these crapes can grow just about anywhere. This tree is an ideal solution for small areas that don't have much planting space, such as small yards, next to structures, parking lots or along streets. Tuscarora Crape Myrtles give you vibrant color in almost all growing conditions. Even if you suffer from allergies, don't hesitate to plant this tree in high-traffic areas - it's virtually allergy free!​

Growth Rate: Fast Growth Rate

Mature Size: Grows to a heights of 15'-25' and a spread of 10'-20' at maturity.

Sun Preference: Full Sun

Soil Preference:
 The Crape Myrtles likes in Acidic, Drought Tolerant, Moist, Well Drained soils. Can grow in any soil type.

Zone: 7-9