Tree Type: Shade Trees. Texas Live Oak is an evergreen or nearly evergreen tree. Its native range includes the Quartz Mountains and Wichita Mountains in southwestern Oklahoma,[2] through Texas, to the Mexican states. Texas live oak is typically found on dry sites, unlike southern live oak, which prefers moister conditions. The tree is generally accepted to be the hardiest evergreen oak, able to withstand very cold winters with minimal leaf burn in areas as cold as USDA

Growth Rate: Slow Growth Rate

Mature Size: 
The Texas Live Oak grows to a height of 50–70' and a spread of 40–60' at maturity. 

Sun Preference: Full Sun to Part Shade.

Soil Preference: 
 The Texas Live Oak likes Rocky, sandy, clay, or loam soils, usually calcareous, including caliche, but also in slightly acidic sands