Yucca Faxoniana -  Is a giant growing tree yucca with excellent cold hardiness,  very showy succulent that eventually grows to form a big tree-like trunk. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant. 

Agave Americana  - Solitary or slowly clumping  large leaf succulent with a basal rosette. Thick and massive grey-blue up to 5' long and 10" wide, and have sharp spines on the margins and tips. The margin spines are re-curved like fishhooks and the tip spines can be more than 1" long.  

Agave Havardiana - Grows to an imposing size at maturity! Native to the Davis Mountains of west Texas, this succulent has proven itself to be very cold-hardy. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant, perfect for Texas heat & Texas freezes. 

Agave Neomexicana - Very cold hardy species with thick succulent silver gray leaves. The attractive foliage is edged with dark burgundy spines. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant. 

Hedge Hog - This is a small barrel shaped cactus that grows in clumps of a few to a hundred stems, has no leaves and has chlorophyll in the stems, flowers are a beautiful deep red, with many petals that form the shape of a cup. 

Agave Ferox - Large, stemless, open rosette with leaves, rigid, fleshy, glossy dark-green, the margins sinuate, with hooked black-brown marginal spines and long terminal spine. Inflorescence to 27 ft. This delightful plant starts with curly spines at the top which straighten out as they grow.