American Sycamore - Leaves are palmate (like a hand) with three or five lobes (sections, like fingers). The edge of the leaf is wavy, with teeth. The top of the leaf is bright green, and the underside is pale green.  Leaves turn brown in the Fall. 

Weeping Willow - This graceful giant is known for its open crown of wispy, ground-sweeping branches and long, slender leaves. The tree is easy to grow and quick to take root, reaching heights between 30' and 40' and nearly the same in width.

White Oak  - Impressive and stately a majestic tree all year long. In the spring, the new leaves and flowers combine for a pastel tint on the limbs. In the summer, it is a superior shade tree needing large spaces, parks, golf courses, campuses, cemeteries. Can live for centuries becoming more picturesque with age.

Shumard Oak -A stately, strong and long-lived tree with beautiful fall color, this oak is a great selection for yards it is very adaptable and has been successfully grown in urban areas where air pollution, poor drainage, compacted soil, and/or drought are common, making it a fine choice for street trees as well.

Silver Maple - Silver is definitely the right word to describe this maple. With even a light wind, the tree produces a lovely shimmery effect thanks to the silvery undersides of its leaves. The bark, too, is silver in color, particularly when the tree is young. 

Native Texas Pecan - This species is known as a tree for all uses. It serves as the nation’s most important commercial nut producer, provides great shade, and sports an amazing grain that makes it highly prized as wood for furniture and flooring. Texans have such an affinity for this tree that they declared it their state tree.

Autumn Blaze Maple - Drought tolerant and exceptional bright red fall color are the hallmarks of this popular and proven performer. A hybrid of Red and Silver Maple, this vigorous grower combines the best attributes of both in a stately, adaptable, fast growing tree. Type your paragraph here.

Texas Ash - Texas Ash is native DFW and south through central Texas. A very beautiful shade tree with a rounded crown. It has a  superior level of drought tolerance and low fertilizer requirements. In the fall the Texas Ash produces a spectacular range of pastel colors that include yellow, orange, red, purple and maroon. 

Heritage River Birch - A beautiful, multi-stemmed, shrubby birch tree. Provides striking winter interest, with bare branches and trunk displaying highly textured and colorful, peeling bark. 

Mexican Sycamore - have been popular for only 10 years or so, it is unlikely you will find any old, large specimens. Mexican sycamores are resistant to bacterial leaf scorch, one of the more prominent and damaging diseases.

Autumn Blaze Maple - Drought tolerant and exceptional bright red fall color are the hallmarks of this popular and proven performer. A hybrid of Red and Silver Maple, this vigorous grower combines the best attributes of both in a stately, adaptable, fast growing tree. Type your paragraph here.

Southern Magnolia - Southern Magnolia is a magnificent tree with a name that is somewhat misleading. Although it is most prevalent in the South—and the state tree of Mississippi—its zone 6 planting range means it can grow in many northern areas, even as far north as parts of Maine, Michigan and Washington. 

Chinese Pistache – Easy to maintain tree and also pest and heat tolerant. In autumn, leaves turn bright orange to red. Grows 40’-50’ tall and 30’ wide.

Dawn Redwood - Is an impressive tree by any standard. It was long thought to be extinct—until it was discovered alive and well in a rural, mountainous area of China. The dawn redwood is relatively carefree and also fast growing.

Texas Live Oak - The White Oakgrows in Acidic, Drought Tolerant, Moist, Well Drainedsoils

Arizona Ash - This tree creates an abundance of shade in the summer and bathes your garden and home with warming sun in the winter. The Arizona Ash boasts an attractive, rounded canopy that is taller than it is wide and is suitable for many landscape styles.

Shantung Maple - This bullet-proof tree can take the full Texas sun and has beautiful burnt orange or red spring and summer growth that turns brilliant red to red-orange in the fall. A superior leaf shape and a better branching habit that makes for a more elegant looking tree. 

Texas Red Oak – Rich green leaves that turn fiery red in the autumn. Open canopy and thick branches. Can grow upwards of 120 feet. Drops acorns through the summer.

Lacebark Elm - Lacebark El  m is a graceful tree has a rounded crown with dark green leaves that change to yellow and reddish purple in fall and has distinctive bark, which is mottled and often creates colorful patterns in its trunk, it is a tough and durable tree for any situation.

Live Oak - Classic southern oak
Huge branches has been called "one of the most impressive trees in North America." Grows rapidly when young Grows 40' to 80' with an 80' spread

Bur Oak - The bur oak is a mighty sight to behold. A coarsely textured crown, wild and wooly acorns and a massive trunk with rough and deeply furrowed bark combine to make one impressive tree. While its massive size counts this tree out for most urban and suburban yards, the bur oak make a great choice for parks and acreage. 

Chinkapin Oak -With its strong branches and interesting leaves makes a beautiful statement. This tree is worthy of a prominent place in any larger lawn, estate or park. 

Cedar Elm - Highly drought tolerant once established. Large tree with small deep green leaves in the spring that turn to a golden hue in autumn. Grows up to 90’.

Baldcypress  - Baldcypress is the classic tree of southern swamps. To the surprise of some people, the Baldcypress does quite well when planted in the right soil in yards or along streets and is a beautiful specimen tree.

Blackgum - Displaying various hues of yellow, orange, bright red and purple—often on the same branch—its foliage is a stand-out of the autumn season.