1 Gallon
3 Gallon                
15 Gallon                  
30 Gallon
45 Gallon
65 Gallon
95 Gallon
4' x 4' Box                   
6' x 6' Box
10' x 10' Box                     

Tree Type:  Evergreen. Large, upright shrub or small tree with glossy, light green leaves and a profusion of fluorescent red berries through fall and winter. Plant in mass for an effective windbreak. An elegant tree for lining walks or drives.

Growth Rate:

Mature Size: The Desert Willow will grow from 10-30' tall with the spread of 15'-25' at maturity.

Sun Preference: Full Sun

Soil Preference: Savannah Holly likes clay; loam; sand; slightly alkaline; acidic; well-drained Drought tolerance

Zone: 6-9