Tree Type:  Evergreen Very popular, Nellie Stevens are an ideal selection for hedges and privacy screens can grow up to 3 ft. per year and thrives on neglect You'll appreciate how these holly trees stay deep green all year, unlike other hedge trees that can brown out during either the summer heat or mild droughts. Plant 5-6 ft. apart for a living wall that gives you complete holes, no gaps. You control how they grow - whether naturally into a dense, pyramidal shape that matures at 15-25 ft., or pruned into a tall box hedge. When they reach the height you want, just clip off the leader. This will slow them down and make them thicken out. These holly trees make perfect accents at the corners of your home, planting beds, or entryway. During the winter months, you will enjoy the red berries against the deep green foliage. Clip off some branches to decorate your home for the holidays.

Growth Rate: Fast/Rapid

Mature Size: 
The Desert Willow will grow from 15'-25' tall with the spread of 10'-15' at maturity.

Sun Preference: Full Sun or Part Shade

Soil Preference:  Prefer acidic soil but will adapt to your natural soil, even if its sandy or heavy in clay. Just make sure that your soil is well draining. Fertilize your Nellie Stevens Holly every Spring and Fall with an acid-based fertilizer. Every Winter your Nellie Stevens Holly will give you beautiful red berries. 

Zone: 6-9