Tree Type: This species is known as a tree for all uses. It serves as the nation’s most important commercial nut producer, provides great shade, and sports an amazing grain that makes it highly prized as wood for furniture and flooring. Texans have such an affinity for this tree that they declared it their state tree. Whether you like to bake with it, buy chairs made of it or simply bask beneath its canopy, the pecan tree is one that serves us well.

Growth Rate: Medium Growth Rate

Mature Size: The Texas Pecan grows to a height of 50–100' and a spread of 40–75' at maturity.

Sun Preference: Full Sun.

Soil Preference: The Pecan grows in Acidic, Alkaline, Clay, Loamy, Moist, Rich, Sandy, Silty Loam, Well Drained, Wet, Wide Range soils.

Zone: 6-9