Tree Type: Shade Tree. Lacebark Elm is a graceful tree has a rounded crown with dark green leaves that change to yellow and reddish purple in fall. The Lacebark elm has distinctive bark, which is mottled and often creates colorful patterns in its trunk. Lacebark Elm is a tough and durable tree for any situation.

Mature Size: The Lacebark Elm grows to a height of 40–50' and a spread of around 40' at maturity.

Growth Rate: This tree grows at a medium  to fast rate.

Sun Preference: Full Sun or Part Shade

Soil Preference:
 The Lacebark Elm grows in Acidic, Alkaline, Clay, Drought Tolerant, Loamy, Moist, Sandy, Well Drained, Wet, Wide Range soils.

Zone: 5-10