Tree Type: Japanese Black Pine can reach the height of 131', but rarely achieves this size outside its natural range. The needles are in fascicles of two with a white sheath at the base, 2"-5"long; female cones are 1"-2.5" length, scaled, with small points on the tips of the scales, taking two years to mature. Male cones are 1/2" long borne in clumps of 12-20 on the tips of the spring growth. Bark is gray on young trees and small branches, changing to black and plated on larger branches and the trunk; becoming quite thick on older trunks.

Growth Rate:  Fast Growth Rate

Mature Size:  Grows to a heights of 50'-80' and a spread of 20'-30' at maturity.

Sun Preference:  Full Sun

Soil Preference:  The Japanese Black Pine in acidic, alkaline, loamy, sandy, well-drained and clay soils. 

Zone: 7-9