Type:  There are many different kinds of hedgehog cacti. The Crimson hedgehog cactus is a small barrel shaped cactus that grows in clumps of a few to a hundred stems. The stems are cylindrical in shape and are up to 1 foot long and 1 to 2 1/2 inches thick. There are about 9 or 10 ribs on the stem. This cactus has no leaves and has chlorophyll in the stems. The stems of this Crimson hedgehog are shorter and more tightly packed together than other hedgehog cacti. The flowers are a beautiful deep red, with many petals that form the shape of a cup. The fruits are red, and edible. The flowers bloom from April through June, and are the first to bloom in the desert. Unlike other cacti, they stay open at night, and bloom for about 3 to 5 days.  Some Native Americans collect the flowers stems, burn off the spines and mash them. Sugar is added and then it is baked to make sweet cakes.

Growth Rate:  Slow Growth Rate

Sun Preference:  Full Sun

Soil Preference:  Low Fertility Soil, Well-Drained Soil, Sandy Soil