Bracken's Brown Beauty - Bracken Brown Beauty has earned a dominant status among the Magnolia and it has several unique qualities that are responsible for this popularity. The Bracken Brown Beauty has the widest hardiness range given to any Magnolia being able to handle -20°F. 

D.D. Blanchard Magnolia - This Magnolia has the ability to maintain a straight central trunk, which allows the Blanchard to be grown full to the ground or be pruned into tree form with a visible trunk. 

Southern Magnolia - Southern magnolia is a magnificent tree with a name that is somewhat misleading. Although it is most prevalent in the South—and the state tree of Mississippi—its zone 6 planting range means it can grow in many northern areas, even as far north as parts of Maine, Michigan and Washington. 

Afghan Pine - This evergreen tree provides sturdy wind protection to the home landscape as well as visually pleasing cones and green needled foliage. 

Arizona Cypress - Heat- and drought-tolerant cypress is native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. While it has a limited reach in terms of Hardiness Zones, the Arizona cypress is an excellent choice for windbreaks, erosion control, Christmas trees and landscape ornamental and evergreens. 

 Texas Mountain Laurel - Showy multi-stemmed shrub or small tree. Fragrant violet-blue flowers in terminal clusters for a wonderful display. Slow growing and easily trained as a nice espalier or patio tree. Evergreen.

Leyland Cypress -  Rapid growth and slender shape, the Leyland Cypress makes an excellent wind break as it provides a dense barrier with good color all 12 months of the year. Christmas tree, windbreaks and landscapes. 

Italian Cypress - Give height to your foundation plantings without taking up a lot of room. They grow almost everywhere. When they reach the height you want, just cut the top. 

Nellie R. Stevens'  - An ideal selection for hedges and privacy screens. There naturally a pyramidal shape that matures at 15-25 ft and these holly trees make perfect accents at the corners of your home, planting beds, or entryway. During the winter months, you will enjoy the red berries against the deep green foliage. 

Savannah Holly - Light requirement: tree grows in part shade/part sun; tree grows in full sun Soil tolerances: clay; loam; sand; slightly alkaline; acidic; well-drained Drought tolerance: high Aerosol salt tolerance: moderate