Tree Type: Ornamental Tree Eves necklace a spineless shrub or tree, bears light-green graceful leaflets and fragrant pink wisteria-like blooms. A tall shrub or small tree with thin, scaly, reddish brown bark on older wood and with smooth twigs. Seeds reputed to be poisonous. Flowers fragrant, white tinged with rose, 1/2 inch long, arranged along axes up to 6 inches long, appearing in March and April. 

Growth Rate:

Mature Size: Eve's Necklace can reach heights of 30' but mostly they range about 20'

Sun Preference: Does best in Part Shade.

Soil Preference: The Eve's Necklace likes Dry, Well-drained soils. Sandy, Sandy Loam, Medium Loam, Clay Loam, Clay, Limestone-based. ​

Zone: 7-9