Tree Type: - The Desert Willow is one of Texas’ best trees. Overall, it is somewhat delicate yet can withstand all of the heat Texas can bring. Its leaves are long and narrow, its flowers are orchid-like and have a lengthy flower period. The flowers emanate from new branch growth, and therefore pruning accentuates the process. The flowers range in color from light pink to light violet. While they will grow in areas with significant rainfall, they have to be planted in a raised bed to thrive. Don’t overwater this tree just because there has been no rain for a while.

 Growth Rate: Slow

Mature Size: The Desert Willow will grow from 15'-20' tall with the spread of the same.

Sun Preference: Full Sun

Soil Preference:  Well-drained limestone soils preferred, but also does well in sands, loams, clays, caliches, granitic, and rocky soils. Minimal organic content the norm. 

Zone: 6-9