Tree Type: American Sycamore leaves are palmate (like a hand) with three or five lobes (sections, like fingers). The edge of the leaf is wavy, with teeth. The top of the leaf is bright green, and the underside is pale green.  Leaves turn brown in the Fall.  They are also used for landscaping, along streets, and in yards as a shade tree. Sycamores naturally grow in groups with Silver Maple, Red Maple, Yellow Poplar, Sweetgum, and Black Willow. Like all deciduous trees.. However, you can still identify them by their bark. American Sycamores have smooth, whitish bark, which peels off in large flakes. Splotches, where bark has peeled off, can be brown, green, or gray. ​

Growth Rate:  Medium Growth Rate

Mature Size:  Grows to a heights of 60'-100' and a spread of 20'-30' at maturity.

Sun Preference:  Full Sun

Soil Preference:  The American Sycamore grows in acidic, alkaline, loamy, sandy, well-drained and clay soils. Mostly moist soil. 

Zone: 6-9